Welcome to the Greenwood Lake Marina Boat Club!

Our boat club offers it’s members the opportunity to use boat’s in our club fleet throughout the summer season. Members also will have use of the marina and all of it’s amenities.
Here are some details:


  • Member’s will have use of private club boat’s.
  • If club boat’s are being used, member’s will have use of one of our rental fleet boat’s.
  • There will be an online reservation system.
  • Use of marina and all of it’s amenities.


Hours are flexible for the most part, if you have a specific need, we will certainly try to accommodate all requests.


Included with this  contract will be Boat’s, insurance and dock slip.

Fuel & any insurance deductables incurred are not included.



Terms and pricing is as follows:

Initial membership fee will be $500 then any rental fees thereafter. The initial $500 will include a 2 hour class with a licensed captain to teach you all the ins and outs of boating. Then when a boat is reserved you will be given the dock space and the boat will be fueled, cleaned and ready for you. You just have to take it out and have fun.

There will be 3 different time periods a day with a reduced rental price compared to the regular rental boats. All the boats will be within 5 years old and will accommodate at least 10 people.




Thank you for your interest in our boat club, we hope you will consider this stress free boaters option. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (973) 728-9100 and choose option #8. See you this summer!