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What are the benefits of Boat Club Membership?

  • Simply apply purchased points towards your boat of choice.
  • Access to all the boats in our club fleet
  • Enjoy all the fun without the hassle of maintenance or ownership

Please feel free to call (214) 669-7760 and learn more about becoming a Greenwood Lake Boat Club Member.

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Step 1

Reserve your boat via our online system.

Step 2

Come pick up your boat. We'll have it all ready to go for you.

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When you're finished just bring it back and we take it from there.


Why join the club instead of renting?

The boat club is for people who have already rented or owned boats but would now like to experience a newer, faster boat at a lower cost. Our club prices are 25% less than the cost of a rental; plus, the more points you purchase, the greater value you receive. You can also assign two additional boat-safety-certified people to your account at no additional cost. No more maintenance fees, dock fees, or insurance payments!

Can I share the membership?

Yes, you can assign two additional people to your membership, as long as they also meet the prerequisites.

What are the prerequisites?

You will need to have the boat safety endorsement on your driver’s license as well as ample experience in boating. We can help you acquire both if needed. We will offer a boating license class in the Spring and will also offer training with a captain if you need additional experience. The class fee is $90 and includes lunch. We will also offer a 1-hour, complimentary boat orientation. If additional lessons with a captain are needed, the fee is $60 per hour.

Will I get the times and boats I want?

There are plenty of boats to choose from and four different time slots available for booking daily. However, in 2021 there were some key dates (holidays and Father’s Day) that the afternoon slot was fully booked. The reservation policy below was created to enable advance booking to accommodate all members.

How are reservations made?

You can reserve your boat and time slot on the Azure website by using your personal username and password. You will be able to make two weekend and two weekday reservation at a time. After you use one, you may make another.

What type of boats do you offer?

There are three tiers of boats – pontoons, bow riders, and deck boats. Newer boats with large motors and pontoons that accommodate more people will cost more points than our smaller boats.

Can I bring guests or pets?

Yes, you may bring as many guests as the boat can hold whether it be by weight or number of people. You are also welcome to bring your pet, but members are held responsible for damage to upholstery.

When does the boating season start and end?

Boating begins on May14th and continues through mid to late October when the foliage is at its peak. Our hours are sunrise to sunset.

Are there other fees?

Yes, you will be charged .5 points for gas for a half day and 1 point for a full day.

What happens if we have issues with the boat during our reservation?

You will be given a phone number that you can call if you need assistance. We will send an employee out to help you right away.

What marina facilities can we use?

Our beach, deck, grills, and shower are all available to you during the day of your reservation.

What is the cancellation policy?

We will allow one penalty-free cancellation before we enforce the following cancellation policy:
You will not be charged if you cancel 3 days in advance. For example, if you cancel by the close of business on Thursday for a Sunday reservation you will not be charged. However, cancellations of 1-2 days prior to your reservation will cost 50% of the amount of points you applied to your reservation on weekdays and 100% of the amount of points you applied to your reservation on weekends and holidays.

What happens if it rains?

We will make the inclement weather call by 8:30am. In that case, your points will be refunded. Intermittent or light rain does not always warrant cancellation.

Will my unused points carry over to next year?

Leftover points will carry over to next year at 50% value. There are no cash refunds. Points purchased after September 1st will carry over at 100% value.

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