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Join Our Boat Club

Enjoy Hassle Free Boating!

What are the benefits of Boat Club Membership?

  • Simply apply purchased points towards your boat of choice.
  • Access to all the boats in our club fleet
  • Enjoy all the fun without the hassle of maintenance or ownership
  • Gain access to our app for ease of reservations
  • Get a $200 credit towards a charter with a captain, when purchasing 40 or more points

Please feel free to call (214) 669-7760 and learn more about becoming a Greenwood Lake Boat Club Member.

Membership Contact Form

Simple and Easy Process!


Step 1

Reserve your boat via our online system.

Step 2

Come pick up your boat. We'll have it all ready to go for you.

Step 3

When you're finished just bring it back and we take it from there.

Our Fleet

Contact us about becoming a member


Why join the club instead of renting?

The Greenwood Lake Boat Club is for people who have rented or owned boats before but would now like to experience a newer, faster boat at a lower cost. Our club prices are 25% less than the cost of a rental; plus, the more points you purchase, the greater value you receive. You can also assign 2 additional boat-safety-certified people to your account at no additional cost. No more dock fees or insurance payments!

What type of boats do you offer?

We have three tiers of boats: pontoons, bowriders, and deck boats. Our most luxurious boats and those with larger motors are in the top tier and cost more points. The pontoons that hold the most people are also in the highest tier. Our fleet includes 11 pontoons, 4 bowriders/deck boats and 2 Jet Skis.

When does the boating season begin and end?

Season begins on May 15th and our hours are sunrise to sundown until mid October.

How many reservations can I have?

All members are allowed 2 weekend reservations and 6 weekdays

What happens to leftover points?

Half the points remaining at the end of the year will be carried over to the next year. All points purchased after September 1 will be carried over to the next year.

More Questions?

 Call us at (214) 669-7760 

Ready to become a member?

Contact us about becoming a member