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Boating without the hassle of owning a boat


What are the benefits of Boat Club Membership?

  • Access to all the boats in our club fleet
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Enjoy all the fun with none of the hassle

Please feel free to call (214) 669-7760 and speak to David about becoming a member or you can fill out the form to get a callback.

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Simple Easy Process


Step 1

Reserve your boat via our online system

Step 2

Come pick up your boat. We'll have it all ready to go for you.

Step 3

When you're finished you can bring it back and we take it from there


Why join the club and not just rent?

The club is for people who have already rented boats but would now like to step up to much nicer and faster boats. Plus, club prices are less than a rental and the more points you buy the less expensive it becomes. A key benefit is you can assign additional people boat safety certified 21 years or older for no additional fee. No dock fees, no insurance fees.

Can only I use the membership?

That’s the best part. Because it’s points-based, you can split this with whoever you want as long as they also have the prerequisites needed.

What are the prerequisites?

You will need to have the boat safety endorsement on your drivers’ license as well as ample experience on boats. We can handle getting you both if you need them. We will have a class set up in the Spring for the course and can offer training with one of our captains to get the experience. The fee is $90.00 per person which includes lunch. We will also offer 1 person complimentary boat orientation training for 1 hour.

Will I get the times and boats I want?

As it is not always easy to get exactly what you want when in a club, there will be ample boats to chose from and the best part is that all boats’ points are based on the value of the boats. So less expensive boats are fewer points giving you the decision if you want more time on the water or bigger, faster boats.

How are reservations made?

We have a website that you log into with your own user name and password. You will be allowed to make 2 weekend and 2-weekday reservations at a time. When you use one you can make another.

What type of boats do you offer?

There will be 3 tiers of boats. All of which will include pontoons, bowriders, and deck boats. The higher the tier, the nicer the boat and the larger the motor, and the more points it will cost. The higher the tier for pontoons the more people the boat will hold.

Can I bring guest and/or pets?

Yes, you can bring as many guests as the boat will hold whether it be by weight or # of persons. And yes, you can always bring pets as long as they are familiar with boats. The only issue is if they are not, they may get nervous and scratch the seats. So that’s your call as the damage is on the club member.

What is the boating season for this club?

We start May 15th and go through end of October for the foliage. Hours are sunrise to sundown.

What else besides points am I responsible for?

Only fuel, which is filled after each reservation and billed to you through the reservation system.

What happens if we have issues with the boat during our reservation?

You will have a # to call with any questions during your club membership. If you break down, we will send someone out to either switch boats with you if one is available or get you back to the marina at which point the points will all be refunded to your account.

What facilities are we allowed to use with our membership?

Day of reservation only all marina facilities are at your disposal. We have a beach with a beautiful deck, grills and showers.

What is Cancellation Policy?

No penalty if canceled 3 days in advance. Example-cancel by close of business Thursday for Sunday with no penalty. Cancellations 1-2 days or day of will cost 50% loss of points weekdays and 100% points forfeited weekends and holidays.

What happens if it rains?

The marina will make the call on each day by 8:30 AM if a rainout is in place allowing all cancellations without any penalties. All points will be credited back to your account. Rain off and on during the day or light rain does not always warrant closure. This notice will be posted to the website if cancellations will be honored.

Will points be carried over?

End of the year whatever points are not used, the following year you will automatically be loaded with 50% of the value left over. No cash refunds at this point.

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